Glimpse of something unearthly (not from here)

There is something beyond the law of averages with the results, occurring from the years of research. In my latest podcast you will see footage of something from somewhere else. I had to slow it down to be viewable as these ‘craft’ move incredibly fast. You will hear more contact voices attesting to their presence in an upcoming new podcast. They even call themselves “aliens”. I have wondered for years where the Bigfoot people start and where is the link between “them” and these vehicles that represent something truly unusual or are the beings separate? I received a communication in 2015 that repeated the phrase “Accept the Bigfoot people” in a strange voice.

I have wondered who are these mysterious beings in my itc (instrumental trans-communication) sessions and will I ever know for myself? It seems the answers are unfolding in incredible ways resulting in various phenomena, some of which is captured on my recorders. Will this result ultimately in face-to-face contact? There is a price to pay when one does supposed kooky research in to the anomalous because people will give you that funny look, friends and family may stop talking to you. You are sampling the tip of the green iceberg with me! They are well aware of us and our ‘intentions’. In new audio from this wild area I am slowly getting answers to what is going on (new audio to be played). Watch the video link below to see the craft in the podcast…

They even call themselves “aliens”

People like Dr. Koustantive Raudive and Professor Ernst Senkowski, along with many others have conducted research into communication with other realms. Even receiving contacts from ‘beyond’, be it images and audio of the departed and even subtle worlds accessed only in a non-physical way. Though these contacts can made made with electronic and other means not necessarily using psychics.

Dr. Konstantine Raudive experimenting with various communication devices, as seen above

In this video I use a Hack Shack radio surrounded by foil to help shield from normal broadcasts.

Jim Birchall interviews me about my experiences over by Skinwalker Ranch in 2013

Radio interview in East Auckland
Front Gate protected by concrete barriers in 2013.

I went to Skinwalker Ranch armed with a bag full of ghost hunting cameras. I went there hoping to get a ‘UFO’ on camera. What I got was different light anomalies and a possible Bigfoot like encounter on UFO Hill (known by to locals).
This place is the Area 51 of the paranormal. Some claim books and stories were made up to sell books and to hype up the place.
I spoke to local tribe spiritual man, Larry Cesspooch, who told me stories of what had gone on including a saucer sighting early in the morning. Numerous people saw this craft, some on the way to their sweat ceremony. Speaking to a local professional who did not want to be identified told me some of the youth that saw the craft were left traumatised and troubled.

Robert Bigelow’s aerospace plant—North Las Vegas

The people there are generally reserved to outsiders. I was fortunate to be allowed in.
Some of the light anomalies approached me very quickly against gale force wind doing a ninety degree turn in front of my face. I suspect that I have got the closest footage of any anomaly from there on camera.
In the following recent years back in my home country of New Zealand, I was to capture on camera, what have been seen by various professionals over the decades including pilots, policeman and military personal. The silver saucer like fast moving craft that make no noise and have capabilities unmatched in our time.

A shot of what some report seeing in the skies.