Interview with NZ hunter on encounters with Bigfoot ‘moehau’s’

Clint’s property backs up against a mountain range in rural Waima, and is surrounded by wilderness. It appears, Clint is a little afraid at night. He is an experienced hunter and has had from what he reports, years of multiple encounters with New Zealand’s Bigfoot or Moehau’s, one of several names given to them in New Zealand. Clint talks of the dying older generation, of his tribe, who were well aware of these forest giants. Sometimes there were closed door meetings about them in the community.

He says many modern Maori have lost knowledge of them. Though there have been dozens of witnesses who have contacted me, only a few are willing to go on camera. This is one of those interviews, the others are in reserve for the documentary I have been working on…

I have experienced some of what Clint has described as sign posts of interactions from these wild people. My wilderness investigations and recordings are ongoing. See youtube vide below for the interview