Pre-lude to an alien abduction

Using equipment I had used for paranormal investigations (while in the USA) to hunt for Bigfoot & UFO’s after strangeness in the New Zealand bush. Things did not stop but sped up. I asked myself “was I going mad?” but then mics and video recorded some of what I experienced! I then discovered others from NZ who had experienced similar.

Self portrait. ©2021 Marc Coppell
One of multiple footprints found in a remote area with no public access and no pathways. Machete required.
One of my graphics I made for my low budget documentary about my Skinwalker Ranch encounters in 2013. Area 51 of the paranormal. Here I had light anomalies approach my face against the gale force winds that shook my car at night. Documentary here:

I can’t believe I am typing this. Back in early 2013 while living in the USA I had a close encounter with a silver oblong mercury-like craft that was silent and flew through some mountains by Nelson, Nevada. As I was driving out there to go prospecting. I had a strong urge to pull over nearly crashing my car in the process. Something told me to pull over and later lead to a UFO close encounter along with seeing two strange individuals. These tall people around 6 foot or taller were checking out my car and were seen as I was leaving the sighting area. From this point in my life I launched myself into ufology, joining Las Vegas UFO Hunters, going to tinfoil hat conventions and going to places like Skinwalker Ranch pursuing answers for myself. Meeting some interesting people along the way. I did not know the ramifications that had a domino affect richocheting into my life.

Did any the previous paranormal experiences have any connections to the craft I saw, was something going crazy within me? Now years later after over a decade of doing ITC or instrument trans-communication research I am wondering if I made contact. I had used ITC and capturing EVP’s or electronic Voice phenomena in paranormal investigating when I was with a team in Las Vegas. I jumped into fringe science sinking deep to the bottom of awareness. I wondered if the Bigfoot phenomena were some how connect to anomalous craft seen around the world? As I explored remote bush areas seeking answers to the strange footprints, wild structures, voices, stone clacking, wood knocks etc. I wondered where it was going to lead. When I realised that these beings had reached out to me even here back in 2015 after returning to my home country my jaw about fell off. A shocking message received during a paranormal investigation in Auckland City of all places. During a shielded Sangean spirit box session a message repeated “Accept the Bigfoot people, big people..”

Area 51 warning sign ©2021 Marc Coppell

I decided to wear POV GoPro sports cameras and on body audio recorders trying to document the strange voices and calls I heard in areas that are very hard to access for the public, wild thorny areas were I could easily lose my direction. After years of doing this I decided to try and use I.T.C. to get insight into what was really going on in these wild areas. Old Maori legends would talk of these Bigfoot-like giants of which there are several names. I was being invited by whatever was concealing itself from modern humans. My audio from last Friday is a testament to something very bizarre going on. Was I going to meet these beings? I heard footfalls and strange voices in a wild area where there are no tracks. Voices talk of taking me on their ship, about taking seamen, calling my name and trying to reassure me that they would not kill me. Listen to a small fraction of the audio here (from podcast): I had been using a professional wildlife mic shielded from radio and electro-magnetic interference.

a message repeated “Accept the Bigfoot people, big people..”

Article from Stuff regarding my cryptic cryptid quest.