Making Contact with the etherial

Here I discuss my research, experiences along with an interesting comment from Dr. Colm Kelleher

Watch my latest podcast and hear what other viewers say about their encounters including local Bigfoot phenomena. Taking the ectoplasmic bull by the horns. I am not the only man who has experienced Bigfoot-like phenomena here in New Zealand. I also talk about my experiences back in 2013 by Skinwalker Ranch and being stalked across the world. I discuss also ITC or instrumental trans-communication research.

Do you believe in UFO’s or have you seen one? Included in the podcast are some screen shots from some of my captures over recent years, and some of them are in wild areas where Bigfoot phenomena takes place! I discuss an interesting post made by Dr Colm Kelleher, former Skinwalker Ranch research scientist. Think the paranormal can’t get through to a scientist? Think again. Shake off the dust from your brain.

We are surrounded by other dimensions and many of those beings are acutely aware of us! Doing instrumental trans-communication has shown me time and time again, that privacy is just an illusion. From ET’s, spirit beings (that include some ET’s) including Bigfoot beings can peek in on us. Even touch us etc. From ITC, electronic voice phenomena and anomalous wild voices etc. we can learn that there is a lot more to life. Are we afraid to open the door incase a demon enters?!

Has science shown us that there are other dimensions beyond a theoretical idea? Is CETI the only hope for humanity’s quest to find intelligent life elsewhere? Astronomical distances and our current ‘known’ limited technology makes this seem impossible. Though approaching the subject from a different angle, as in ETs are already here and aware of us. Though they don’t want to become our experiments and for good reason.

Think ghosts are rubbish!? I talk of spirit attack and doing clearings when I lived in Las Vegas. Working with a talented psychic medium who did not want attention.

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