Stalked by the Skinwalker

Followed by various phenomena from the UFO Ranch
Youtube video

As a paranormal investigator, I show footage, & recount my own encounters by Skinwalker Ranch etc.; being stalked & followed across the world! I share a personal ufo encounter outside Nelson, Nevada in early 2013 (along with footage). See the piggyback or stalker affect which reporter, George Knapp, has mentioned in his programs. It seem I has been followed across the world by the Bigfoot beings that seem to be associated with UFOs. Watch UFO footage. Hear strange Bigfoot like interactions in the wild captured on cameras & professional microphones by anomalous beings who call my name! You will see/hear why I’m a haunted man!

Hear interviews from two New Zealand Bigfoot witnesses including a DOC (Department of Conservation) worker who saw one on the job.

Humanoids talk of taking me

Various ‘recorded’ strange voices from the wild & ITC bare the same message

I play samples from ongoing I.T.C. research to connect with other realms in an effort to get intel on the phenomena surrounding UFOs, Bigfoot & the paranormal. Humanoids talk of taking me via electronics & in the wild (there is bleed through of info). These recordings support the idea that some people that go missing (411) are taken by extra terrestrials.

Hear the shocking, strange voices and movement in the wild areas!

Some people watch my videos claim “pareidolia” which is a visual illusion that affect all people. Our brains look for patterns, ie. that cloud looks like Jesus or the burnt toast with a likeness to a real object. Though it might be explainable in some cases, complex speech and repeated sentences are far more advanced than a likeness in the clouds or butter. There is too some electronic voice phenomena that is questionable and not clear. As some call my name including first name and last name. One sample I replay from an ITC session around 2017 that says, “Have Faith Marc Coppell” in response to my comment. There are only about 5 people on this earth with my same first and last name (that I have been able to look up).

On the flip side people can have a personal bias and completely refute anything that portrays active intelligence. They totally discount the millions of sightings/accounts of ghosts, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, esp, remote viewing etc. Many critics of I.T.C. and the like have not done any experimenting themselves or even gone on investigations into hauntings etc. While it is understandable some people will have a hard time with what others see or experience if they have not had that themselves. Though this is a passive opinion & could be changed by a future event/s.

I have not been able to debunk what has happened or is happening to me. As the case with some former skeptics I have talked with. Some are so troubled by the event that they experience fear and a form of PTSD as a result. We could ask too if some people are having illusions why are adults not reporting seeing Santa Claus or the tooth fairy? I mean this is drilled into us as kids at least in the western culture. Though do any of these adults see any of these as a result of childhood conditioning?

I am quite open to talking to people who have questions or searching for answers. I really don’t spend much time on people who are totally closed, it is a waste of my precious time and theirs. Science previously has done many experiments into quantum physics and anomaly research. There are multiple realms around us. Could some of this be caused by some form P.K. or psycho kinesis in some instances? Is what I am doing really confirmation bias?

The ramifications are immense if what I’m writing about is real.

An unusual ‘X’ structure embeded into a small creek. This is in a wild area restricted to the public.