The best real alien recordings online are here with ufo

Life long paranormal experiencer, Marc Coppell & with an investigation background, I research and engage with what would make many run in fear. Hear original alien communication (also Bigfoot) that have been recorded over the last two years. In this area I have had stones thrown at me from the darkness, captured exotic aerial craft on camera (1 seen here), been followed, heard & recorded very strange voices calling my name from this remote wild area with no tracks, heard wood knocks, stone clacking and other strange sounds. This is not on tv either. (footage best with headphones)

I have been on a quest to uncover the truth regarding bigfoot, aliens, ufos and the paranormal etc. Hear anomalous voices calling my name and mention that humans kill them. This is a small sampling of what I have captured on professional wildlife mics-which are shielded from emf and rf (wildtronics microphones). UFOs tend to be very illusive and this could be recordings of occupants. What to you think of these? Some voices also mention Bigfoot in other recordings.

I have been using electronics to communicate with other realms (or ITC). In late 2019, I had a breakthrough from beings that described a hidden world inside the earth, they have talked of their craft, culture and on-going war with other beings. Hear evidence of some of these beings which I have recorded hundreds of their messages when I go into the wild. They give deep me insight into my private life.