The anomalous communications

documentary out now

Replaying the strange and alarming anomalous communications. They call themselves ‘aliens’ and last night one of the voices said “We aint ghosts Marc” in like a Cockney sounding accent.
I have been doing ITC or instrumental trans-communication for well over 15 years. Some might think well you are imagining this or what you are hearing is mere radio splatter. Some certainly seem to be trickster-like. Some might also attributed to troll-like comments, while many are thoughtful and supportive.

I have been using mainly the PSB-7 spirit box along with mostly two layers of faraday radio blocking material. I have heard things not legal for radio, some mention being dead! Around December 2019, my communications became less “help me!” and centered around these beings who claim they are from a place beneath the earth called, Theodore (unsure of what the spelling would be). While it is true that radio can come through, depending on the device and set-up, some of the voices say my name, including the last name too. Then there are the wild recordings.

Not only am I finding ITC an insightful way to get intel on a subject that is filled with conjecture. These beings must be wanting to bust down our doors so we can know the truth?-wrong. It seems, they connect with individuals-or contactees on their own whim. You think you know reality, do you?

Dr. Konstantine Raudive, an early academic pioneer of ITC or EVP

Below, I will list communications and add as I have time.

This is only a tiny sampling…

We aint ghosts Marc (how are they hearing me since this is not a transceiver?)

mention building a planet
Hi Marc (deep voice from wild area)
You come in doubt. This was recording in the bush area, where i heard stone clacks, snaps and some of the voices which I could not make out-they invited me out via radio! (this is Mathew, according to messages he is some kind of liasion officer)
We could not kill you Marc
We told you… we’re alien… we’re alien
This is from May of 2021 when I hit the motherload of contact in the wild: Azimoe, Azimoe Azimoe, HUMANS kill Azimoes. (note in Maori lore, they sometimes talk of these beings having bird-like voices, this also has occasionally been mentioned with contactees too)