Working on the documentary of New Zealand’s Bigfoot and other strangeness

Panorama of Auckland City

I have a paranormal investigator background along with a lifetime of encounters and sightings, occasionally with others. I have also worked as a part of a paranormal team and worked with a medium helping people with hauntings. I am a boots on the ground researcher and have been working on a documentary about New Zealand’s Bigfoot. However the focus has adjusted to reflect other phenomena that has occurred. Namely the strange anomalous craft sometimes caught on camera in some of these wild areas. I suspect that these beings are connected with the craft, maybe not piloting them but interacting in some way. I invite you to connect to my new youtube channel where I will be doing podcasts and playing some of the captures.

There are definitely supernatural aspects to these beings. Perhaps they are synonymous with what Maori called the patupaiarehe or supernatural beings who were said to live in the mountains and wild places only to venture out during night or low light. Their voices are heard but not seen. Using a parabolic mic I have intercepted some of these voices in the mountains. Some do not sound human at all like possible hikers etc. (some even calling out my name). You have entered into the realm of the Bigfoot people, moehau’s (after Mt Moehau), maeroero among other names. In areas restricted or difficult to access by the public I have found strange wood structures, heard calls, been approached or followed by bi-pedal footsteps also found foot prints in areas with no tracks machete required. There was a news frenzy in 2019 after I was interviewed by Stuff news in New Zealand about my project to raise funds for my documentary.

Doing this research I have been in contact with well over two dozen modern witnesses here in New Zealand who have had their own sightings or strange encounters. Though seldom do they want to speak openly because of the high ridicule factor here.

I realised something was not normal when I heard footsteps in an isolated area walk up to me. The shocking part was I could not see what it was. I knew there was some ghost-like or inter-dimensional aspect at play here. Did this have anything to do with the missing 411 phenomenon, where people go missing never to be seen of again where other angles have been ruled out?

Listening for unusual wildlife

I realised something was not normal when I heard footsteps in an isolated area walk up to me. The shocking part was I could not see what it was.

As a young man in the 1980’s we were forced out of our home due to poltergeist related phenomena. I have had numerous experiences with those who have died some were relatives that I had no previous knowledge of. I am an empath who uses intuition and instrumental trans-communication (or I.T.C) to try to peal back layers of understanding. I have been getting results and it is not dependant on being a millionaire or being backed by a mysterious black budget program in a government.

In recent years, I have been able to capture on camera and audio some of this inter-related phenomena. Some of these beings have reached out to me in amazing ways, sometimes recorded. Most of this evidence is contained in some of my youtube videos. Please see through link to youtube channel.

Video below talks about lockdown in New Zealand and then I talk about the supernatural Moehau or New Zealand’s Bigfoot which has several names. Most New Zealanders are unaware of sightings and cultural legends of the Moehau or Maero etc.

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Marc Coppell