Pre-lude to an alien abduction

Using equipment I had used for paranormal investigations (while in the USA) to hunt for Bigfoot & UFO’s after strangeness in the New Zealand bush. Things did not stop but sped up. I asked myself “was I going mad?” but then mics and video recorded some of what I experienced! I then discovered others from NZ who had experienced similar.

Self portrait. ©2021 Marc Coppell
One of multiple footprints found in a remote area with no public access and no pathways. Machete required.
One of my graphics I made for my low budget documentary about my Skinwalker Ranch encounters in 2013. Area 51 of the paranormal. Here I had light anomalies approach my face against the gale force winds that shook my car at night. Documentary here:

I can’t believe I am typing this. Back in early 2013 while living in the USA I had a close encounter with a silver oblong mercury-like craft that was silent and flew through some mountains by Nelson, Nevada. As I was driving out there to go prospecting. I had a strong urge to pull over nearly crashing my car in the process. Something told me to pull over and later lead to a UFO close encounter along with seeing two strange individuals. These tall people around 6 foot or taller were checking out my car and were seen as I was leaving the sighting area. From this point in my life I launched myself into ufology, joining Las Vegas UFO Hunters, going to tinfoil hat conventions and going to places like Skinwalker Ranch pursuing answers for myself. Meeting some interesting people along the way. I did not know the ramifications that had a domino affect richocheting into my life.

Did any the previous paranormal experiences have any connections to the craft I saw, was something going crazy within me? Now years later after over a decade of doing ITC or instrument trans-communication research I am wondering if I made contact. I had used ITC and capturing EVP’s or electronic Voice phenomena in paranormal investigating when I was with a team in Las Vegas. I jumped into fringe science sinking deep to the bottom of awareness. I wondered if the Bigfoot phenomena were some how connect to anomalous craft seen around the world? As I explored remote bush areas seeking answers to the strange footprints, wild structures, voices, stone clacking, wood knocks etc. I wondered where it was going to lead. When I realised that these beings had reached out to me even here back in 2015 after returning to my home country my jaw about fell off. A shocking message received during a paranormal investigation in Auckland City of all places. During a shielded Sangean spirit box session a message repeated “Accept the Bigfoot people, big people..”

Area 51 warning sign ©2021 Marc Coppell

I decided to wear POV GoPro sports cameras and on body audio recorders trying to document the strange voices and calls I heard in areas that are very hard to access for the public, wild thorny areas were I could easily lose my direction. After years of doing this I decided to try and use I.T.C. to get insight into what was really going on in these wild areas. Old Maori legends would talk of these Bigfoot-like giants of which there are several names. I was being invited by whatever was concealing itself from modern humans. My audio from last Friday is a testament to something very bizarre going on. Was I going to meet these beings? I heard footfalls and strange voices in a wild area where there are no tracks. Voices talk of taking me on their ship, about taking seamen, calling my name and trying to reassure me that they would not kill me. Listen to a small fraction of the audio here (from podcast): I had been using a professional wildlife mic shielded from radio and electro-magnetic interference.

a message repeated “Accept the Bigfoot people, big people..”

Article from Stuff regarding my cryptic cryptid quest.

Pursuing the anomalous calls

From paranormal research, to Bigfoot and encounters with craft, this investigation is going something! I’ve got my machete and slashing through the foliage to the truth…

I want answers. I am climbing over the barbed wire fence in my mind… regards, from Marc, the sheep that looked up. What is it to be part of the tribe called humanity? Progress and discovery is made by dreamers and explorers, unafraid of the masses and their varied opinions.
Does science know all that there is?

like out of a Steven Spielberg movie!

I find myself being lead to a precipice of discovery, in league with something, like out of a Steven Spielberg movie! Almost a week ago, I got over a hundred different messages from the field in one morning. I am being pulled back again (asked to return, from repeated audio ITC). Not sure what will happen next as I step into the darkness, and what I will find? Thus, feeling I am prepared for what has been drawing me in and that is ‘them’. They did not spend years of making contact for nothing on their end. I was warned of my father, about to pass. I wondered about inter-dimensional beings or/and I am dealing with advanced tech. Their accents are different to other english speakers, I have lived around in various parts of the world. I wondered why the I.T.C. messages started going through major changes in recent years. Now it seems I rarely get messages of ‘help me’ ghostly messages, rather an advanced civilisation who has been watching me intently. I am glad I have a number of recordings to show myself that I am not experiencing an acute form of mental illness.

I do not know their relationship to the Bigfoot people, as I am sure most of you (that have been following me, and my you tube channels) heard that astounding message, that I received in 2015 after some 20 years in the USA. I have wondered if there was some follow-on affect from Skinwalker Ranch. Some warn me that they could be the Zetas and out to harm me in some way, though they have had ample opportunity to do that including being in dense wilderness alone at night with no fast escape and one way out.

I remember as a teen walking down the stairs at night, in a poltergeist breakout in our home in the 80’s

I remember as a teen walking down the stairs at night, in a poltergeist breakout in our home in the 80’s, wondering what I was going to face approaching a series of windows (hard-to-budge open normally,) slamming reverberating throughout the whole house. A real-life horror story! My mother was behind me. We fled the house taking my baby sister at-the-time that Sunday night. A variety of other haunting type phenomena had been taking place, of which even a neighbour witnessed, while over for dinner. But what is happening here is very different. I did not begin this endeavour to hide from the truth. Little clues have turned up along the way and using my years of experience dealing with beings from other realms, both good, bad and in-between, I am hoping my instincts to be right in this quest. One of the big clues have been having something walking up to me that I could not see though they made a lot of noise, in this bush area, restricted to the general public. Also some very strong emotions that have hit me from a outer intelligence while in a dense, wild bush area. As an empath I am not used to something this powerful.

I was asked to turn off my cameras last time. The what’s and why’s are surfacing in my mind… One of the ‘spirit’ beings (I will call ‘spirit’ for simple terms,) I call Mathew, is giving me an audio commentary of them ‘arriving’ to the area. He claims to travel with ‘the UFO’ on audio (which I have played in past podcasts). I cannot see him at all and his voice comes through so strong that it blows out the audio. No one is around but me. The mic is also picking up momentarily, a loud humming sound, that could be mechanical as I face this wild unforgiving mountain and my quest for serious answers to what is transpiring and reverberated in my personal life.

If you have not heard some of the voices from my strange wilderness recordings, I recommend you do and ask, “do all these voices sound normal hikers, or like a stray radio transmission?” (listen to my recent podcasts-link at the top “youtube video link”. If something earth shattering happens will they allow me to film some ‘proof’ to bring back for the naysayers?

Glimpse of something unearthly (not from here)

There is something beyond the law of averages with the results, occurring from the years of research. In my latest podcast you will see footage of something from somewhere else. I had to slow it down to be viewable as these ‘craft’ move incredibly fast. You will hear more contact voices attesting to their presence in an upcoming new podcast. They even call themselves “aliens”. I have wondered for years where the Bigfoot people start and where is the link between “them” and these vehicles that represent something truly unusual or are the beings separate? I received a communication in 2015 that repeated the phrase “Accept the Bigfoot people” in a strange voice.

I have wondered who are these mysterious beings in my itc (instrumental trans-communication) sessions and will I ever know for myself? It seems the answers are unfolding in incredible ways resulting in various phenomena, some of which is captured on my recorders. Will this result ultimately in face-to-face contact? There is a price to pay when one does supposed kooky research in to the anomalous because people will give you that funny look, friends and family may stop talking to you. You are sampling the tip of the green iceberg with me! They are well aware of us and our ‘intentions’. In new audio from this wild area I am slowly getting answers to what is going on (new audio to be played). Watch the video link below to see the craft in the podcast…

They even call themselves “aliens”

People like Dr. Koustantive Raudive and Professor Ernst Senkowski, along with many others have conducted research into communication with other realms. Even receiving contacts from ‘beyond’, be it images and audio of the departed and even subtle worlds accessed only in a non-physical way. Though these contacts can made made with electronic and other means not necessarily using psychics.

Dr. Konstantine Raudive experimenting with various communication devices, as seen above

In this video I use a Hack Shack radio surrounded by foil to help shield from normal broadcasts.

Jim Birchall interviews me about my experiences over by Skinwalker Ranch in 2013

Radio interview in East Auckland
Front Gate protected by concrete barriers in 2013.

I went to Skinwalker Ranch armed with a bag full of ghost hunting cameras. I went there hoping to get a ‘UFO’ on camera. What I got was different light anomalies and a possible Bigfoot like encounter on UFO Hill (known by to locals).
This place is the Area 51 of the paranormal. Some claim books and stories were made up to sell books and to hype up the place.
I spoke to local tribe spiritual man, Larry Cesspooch, who told me stories of what had gone on including a saucer sighting early in the morning. Numerous people saw this craft, some on the way to their sweat ceremony. Speaking to a local professional who did not want to be identified told me some of the youth that saw the craft were left traumatised and troubled.

Robert Bigelow’s aerospace plant—North Las Vegas

The people there are generally reserved to outsiders. I was fortunate to be allowed in.
Some of the light anomalies approached me very quickly against gale force wind doing a ninety degree turn in front of my face. I suspect that I have got the closest footage of any anomaly from there on camera.
In the following recent years back in my home country of New Zealand, I was to capture on camera, what have been seen by various professionals over the decades including pilots, policeman and military personal. The silver saucer like fast moving craft that make no noise and have capabilities unmatched in our time.

A shot of what some report seeing in the skies.

New Zealand’s Mighty Moehau Man (Bigfoot)—my awakening!

Moehau Mountain range. It was here in 2017 I captured a number of UFO’s, also place of NZ’s bigfoot
Does a mid-air flip at Mach 3 plus on video!

My enigmatic journey into the bigfoot world began on the outskirts of Skinwalker Ranch in 2013. It was on UFO hill that strange creatures sounds were recorded including a large rock thrown next to us from the deep darkness beneath the starry sky. Up until that time I did not have a pro-active interest in bigfoot and not until I realised after reviewing recordings what I probably had an encounter with! Some two years later during a ghost box ITC session in the Guardian Building in Auckland city that repeated a phrase “Accept the Bigfoot People, big people” (repeated radio spatter?) (see video). After being away from the lush greenery of Aeoteoroa or New Zealand for nearly two decades, I was keen to explore wild New Zealand and hear the wildlife. What was about to enter my life would open my mind to what the Maori people had been talking about for centuries, the wild men of the bush and forests of New Zealand.

I had been searching for New Zealand’s illusive Bigfoot known as Matau, Maero, Tuuhourangi, Taongina, Rapuwai and Moehau or Moehau Man (around the world there are hundreds of names). Named after Moehau Mountain where some of them are supposed to reside according to Maori legend. This is the highest peak among the Coromandel ranges on New Zealand’s North Island. I was to discover that they sought me out and let me know it! With multiple heavy bi-pedal approaches, strange footprints in remote  hard-to-reach places, strange structures, voices in a strange language, wood knocks, stone tapping, feelings of being followed and watched etc. I was pretty scared and wondered what on earth was going on out there. Before these strange encounters I had no idea that New Zealand has its own big foot! It was after some research I slowly put the pieces together.

I was to discover that they sought me out and let me know it!

See my video showing some new prints I discover along the wild way

Referencing early Maori, many important chiefs, including Tamatekapua of Te Arawa, are buried on its (Mt. Moehau) summit, a sacred place for those of the Marutūahu Maori tribe. There are several animal and plants that are unique to this mountain range. Known also a magical place that had fairy-like little people or ‘Patupaiarehe’ (among other names) by Maori. The highest point is private property and off-limits to outsiders. Here also lies what could be an ancient trig Celt stone (indicating a possible unreported historical past of New Zealand).

Maori described these ape-like wild men that lived in the bush, that they were “Terrible creatures, half man, half animal.” Interesting to note that these creatures according to them would throw rocks to scare people away. Most familiar with Bigfoot lore know that throwing rocks is part of their nature in other countries too. These manimal creatures were said also to have sharp talons that would kill and eat anyone that ventured into their habitat. Local Maori warned early prospectors about going into the bush alone. It is thought that perhaps one of these had killed a prospector, whose headless partially devoured body was discovered in the Martha Mine region in 1882. Also the body of a woman with a broken neck who had been dragged from her shack.

During the 20th century various discoveries of larger-than-normal footprints in the Coromandel region. Also a sighting of a hairy man-like beast had frightened campers in 1970, which screamed and threw rocks. In 1972, a hunter in the Coromandel ranges witnessed a hairy naked man-like creature, about 6 foot tall, moving along a gully. Of which prints were discovered.

Some suggest that sightings are of an escaped mascot gorilla that escaped a ship anchored near Wai Aro in 1924. But this does not account for earlier sightings. There are no bears in New Zealand which might be mistaken for a Bigfoot in other countries.

It’s been decades since the last reported (via mainstream media) sighting of an ape-like creature in the New Zealand Coromandel region and seems an actual sighting for me is highly unlikely though what has my camera picked up in the research area? From research I have learnt that sightings in North America are ongoing and frequent and that there are also islands that have them. Bigfoot also have classic tree structures in areas where they habitat. Bigfoot is seen across the globe though they have various names. Even in neighbouring country Australia, they have what the aborigines call “Yowie”. Some researcher Facebook groups report there are frequent encounters over there too. I thirsted for this special knowledge of the Sasquatch people. Who are they? Are they really dangerous to people? Are they inter-dimensional beings, sometimes being associated with UFOs (I had captured silver saucer craft on video doing around Mach 3 around Mt Moehau) and other strange lights. Leaving solitary prints.

My research took me to people like you tube’s, Sasquatch Ontario. Mike Patterson reports being given weaved gifts and marbles etc. He has built a relationship with. Discovering their names and even recording their vocalizations and spoken “WORDS”. He indicates that they can even come through walls like a ghost! (this also been my recent experience!) See my podcast interview with him on youtube.

As I run a youtube channel in recent months some have contacted me here in New Zealand to let me they too have had experiences with the Moehau. One lady even told me that a bigfoot followed her and her kids in their car from the Waitakere Ranges (West of Auckland) though refused to be interviewed further about the sighting. I have heard from law enforcement and hunters as well as others. One SKEPTIC told me in the 70’s himself and a small group had climbed Mount Moehau and slept until the early hours of the morning only to be awoken by a strange terrifying howl, that sent them packing “AT PACE” down the mountain. Though with the small town mentality of New Zealand many are too afraid that if they speak openly it may affect their opportunities for advancement in jobs and what their peers may think of them (this sounds like the UFO world.)

Nathan Reo, who ran a successful you tube channel, “Utah Sasquatch”, had some sightings and found many tracks and wood structures. He has been successful where some others haven’t in finding their actual habitat. Many structures are made with very heavy logs and branches many of which would be very hard to replicate by humans without using heavy duty machines, cranes and trucks all out in isolated hard to reach terrain up on mountain plateaus. They also apparently make simple hideouts and have fall back positions. They are master hunters and masters of concealment.

Nathan uses his military experience to analyze Sasquatch’s strategies to stay hidden, alive and away from humans. He shows bigfoot prints of over 15″ in their forest highways. He reports their logic which has keep them successfully hidden for centuries. In a area with Sasquatch you might find tree litter criss (not dead felled trees) crossing. They weave branches together like fences to help funnel prey into a coral region. Criss-crossing. They prefer living in areas like the military crest that allows them to observe what is going on around them, move to and easily defend themselves. They need to be close to fresh water and close to food sources.
In their areas you might hear woops, knocks, find wallows, have rocks thrown at you (like I did near Skinwalker.) Although different to humans he says they do appear to like living on flat surfaces even if it is a plateau on a mountain. He encourages people to research for areas where they live. Film what you see. He said they are everywhere.

The New Zealand areas may be no different. I decided that I would employ Nathan’s method for finding bigfoot habitation here. The terrain here in New Zealand is very rugged. The New Zealand bush areas in the wild are thick and not easy to transverse. The thick green bush does allow for great concealment though this may not be necessary since I have been approached and have not been able to see them at all! Others have reported the same phenomenon. Is this a trait of bigfoot or something else?

I have spent many hours in my research area outside of Auckland, sometimes in the dead of night. I have not been harmed by anything and they could have easily taken me. With their speed, strength and various abilities, I would not have stood a chance if they had been aggressive and wanted me dead. Could there be some that are? I can’t say but they weren’t toward me. There are field researchers around the world who report similar interactions as me without being harmed.

As I am well acquainted with the Sherman Skinwalker Ranch story. I suspect that some of what happened to the Shermans could be attributed to bigfoot though not necessarily all the phenomena was. My instrumental transcommuncation sessions revealed that some of what happened there was due to Bigfoot or as they called “Apes”. There are two opposing groups as to what Bigfoot is whether it is inter-dimensional ‘woo’ or a human ape-like creature with excessive strength and cunning. I hope can gain their trust as I interact with them further.

The footprints I have found have varied in size, some are massive and some are small. Found in an area that has a lot of black berry, gorse and the menacing cutty grass (Carex coriacea)—this plant is sharp like a razor blade! Honestly who would walk barefoot in an off-the-track area with obnoxious plants, surrounded by hazardous steep cliffs and thick foliage with the occasional deadly cyanide possum bait stations along with scaling barbed wire fences in some parts? A menacing place to get to with only the duly determined adventurer to discover. Being fairly athletic helped me explore. A gem to discover in the darkness of night were communities of glow worms that live a long the creek bank.

NOTE: I was using a POV go pro in a watertight case. I had a seperate external mic for sound though it picks up my movement etc. (not ideal but best I could do at the time.) The post zoomed-in footage was done in software because it was a passive small camera. I had no time to pull out the bigger video cameras in this segment.

Best listened through headphones. You can hear the movement etc. I have had interactions in this area several times already including bi pedal footsteps approaching then nothing. Here they are banging on a tree twice to get my attention. They then shook the tree. Listen for electronic voice phenomena in this as well. Also I shout ‘whoop’ three times and I get a fourth (quieter than me) ‘whoop’ back in response that is not me or an echo! Listen carefully to the audio with headphones.

The general public does not know about this area. There are geographical features that make it an ideal hide away. It is hard to find/get to. In the dozen or so times I have been here I have never come across any other people. I have gotten tree knocks, found interesting structures, gotten ‘samurai chatter,’ evp’s and strange solitary foot prints.

This is what I believe to be happening. They know I’m coming through their today. I brought with me treats for them. They knock on the tree twice and shake it to let me know they are there. If you listen through headphones (recommended) you can hear the snaps etc. The ground was very slippery and made it pretty hazardous on the slopes.

I made three whoop sounds but there is a fourth one which is not me (heard through ear phones).

I did not notice any birds from the tree area with the movement. Can you see anything/hear anything else? Post it. In New Zealand we have no bears or monkeys.