Hear the ET’s-why they fear “humans”-not clickbait!

After year of paranormal research, metaphysics and itc communication I have hit gold
After year of paranormal research, metaphysics and i.t.c. communication I have hit recorded ‘gold’.

I have hit anomaly gold as I conduct my relentess on going research to understand what are ‘ufo’s’, the real ones, the ones that could not be written off as swamp gas, weather balloons, weather phenomenon, astronomical features etc. I invite you to watch/listen to the embedded video and listen to the whole segment. After conducting years of I.T.C. sessions, studying Bigfoot areas, investigating hauntings, personal encounters (some terrifying and like something out-of-a-horror movie) I have hit the iceberg anomaly. Some don’t get much further than lights in the sky and eye witnesse reports. Even better much of this is recorded! People would rather watch fiction and fantasy over real boots-on-the-ground sweat, grunt & passionate research. Maybe they can’t handle the truth or just there is so much noise on the subject; that sifting to the truth requires a lot of effort.

Hear what they call themselves & what “humans” do to them

The beings are not only highly intelligent but highly empathetic. They don’t like to be treated like culture in a petri dish. So respect and sensitivity goes a long way (at least with them). They are here and hidden-well. When I had a ufo sighting in the Southern Nevada desert in early 2013, I saw two strange individuals drive away from the area (seemingly identically dressed in some kind of tan colored fatigues). They also stopped by my car on the side of the highway and peered into the windows of my SUV to figure who I was-I was hiking back hyperventilating and swearing wearing desert camo. I watched with intent and a little fear in the nearby desert foothills! Like something out of an X Files episode, only this was no tv show!

I figured if they had anything to do with that mercury-like, vertical, oblong, tic tac shaped object that flew through the mountains and seemingly land out of sight to me, that they live among us in some way!

An illustration of the craft that I witnessed in early 2013, outside Nelson, Nevada, USA.
Listen with good headphones. Watch/listen to the end of the 8 minute video.