Poltergeist-like phenomena


I love writing as you all know. I found someone that isn’t human and helps humanity. My mind is totally blown.

Dr. Colm Kelleher, micro-biologist and former senior research scientist, NIDs

Poltergeist-like phenomena! A group of two paranormal / bigfoot investigators, two sound professionals & a hominid ethusiast experience strange activity on the edge of a remote New Zealand bush valley at night, undisclosed mountain area. Here I also have had stones thrown at me, captured ufo’s on camera, recorded communications from an unknown civlisation.

I take a group to see if they can experience what I have been experiencing in my study of the Bigfoot moehau’s, along with shocking alien-like communications (even saucer like craft). Some of this has been recorded using professional wildlife mics! There are no light sources where the voices and interaction is coming from (as seen on infrared video). Also replayed is a rare, repeated communication from an inter-dimensional Bigfoot that invites Marc to accept the Bigfoot people showing they have amazing abilities (received on a radio-shielded Sangean radio).

The Bigfoot people are a mystery that doesn’t want to be solved nor discovered (yet people have sightings etc. across the world and there are hundreds into thousands of names). They cherry-pick who they connect with.

Hear unnatural stone clacks sounds and what sounds like one thrown next to our group. Also dis-embodied voices in an area where the public doesn’t go. Is there a connection between Bigfoot, alien type phenomenon and ghosts? Marc records communications from various beings; some of them do not even sound human(watch his other videos)!

I’m also working on my documentary about the Bigfoot moehau’s, witnesses along with strange ufo’s caught on camera. I interview a park ranger, former soldier, hunter, a former worker for the Department of Conservation (or D.O.C.), even a troubled sketpic among others, don’t miss out. Subcribe to my youtube channel or on here or release date. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQYlXyHXIYJEkVa5Hkzscyw

Are these beings connected to UFO’s or UAP’s?

After a few different UFO sightings, close-to-the-ground and in areas that the public seldom go to I would have to say “yes!”. Are they using technology to enter our dimension or merely using tech I don’t know for sure (or combination)? Some of the I.T.C. messages I have gotten talk about body armour of some kind.

Being around us is risky but it seems they have their own adversies that are on par to their tech. I once asked if they could do a fly-by for me during an I.T.C. session. One responded saying this was not a game. I feel like Roy, the character from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Thirsty for the truth and needing to know why my life has been turned upside down because I have seen what is not supposed to exist! Not only that but recording it too. I am sure my electronics don’t need prescriptions for some mental dis-order.

Run skeptics run
When people watch, listen or read my stories, I often get the ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ kind of look. Most are in disbelief and have no framework of reference for what they are seeing or hearing. I understand this is a knee-jerk reaction because there are some who intentionally use deception for their selfish gain. Skeptics tend to go silent or best use the rebuttle of audio pareidolia etc. The shoe that does not fit the criteria of the phenomena though might fit some explanations, this is too complex and interactive however.

Above everything this may offer great hope and comfort to humanity or maybe the opposite. We are not alone! The National Institute for Discovery Science or NIDs was to discover during the intensive investigations into phenomena over at Skinwalker Ranch. These intelligences are acutely aware of us. They can mimic our tech and get a reaction out of us. They are pre-cognitive and sentinient beings, who can run circles around us. Dr. Eric Davis, physicist, who was also part of the research talked of mimi-cry of the phenomena, the ability to mimic our tech.

Perhaps like a sort of cat and mouse game. Oddly, there was a story of him getting momentarily possessed; imparting a message that the scientists were not welcome there.

This same property and the outlying area is renowned for strange beings and creatures that come and dissapear. It was about a mile away late at night where I had my first stalker, Bigfoot-like interaction on UFO Hill; having a rock thrown next to my ex-girlfriend and I, which landed with the sound of an explosion! I would be followed to the ends of the earth! What happened there happened here, listen with decent headphones.

I was fortunate for a short period of time to have the pleasure of being allowed a temporary facebook connection with Dr. Colm Kelleher, micro-biologist and former lead scientist on the Robert Bigelow NIDs team-albeit the real identity as to whether it is the real Colm is another thing. That was until I shared an interesting insight he posted about a non-human intelligence, that according to him helps humanity. Screen shot below:

From Colm's facebook page. An interesting insight from former NIDs lead scientist

I am one who got bit by the stealthy, Skinwalker Stalker Syndrome. You can read further into my story “if you dare” and even sample some video/audio evidence: https://mountainofentities.com/2022/03/stalked-by-the-skinwalker/