The anomalous communications

Replaying the strange and alarming anomalous communications. They call themselves ‘aliens’ and last night one of the voices said “We aint ghosts Marc” in like a Cockney sounding accent.
I have been doing ITC or instrumental trans-communication for well over 15 years. Some might think well you are imagining this or what you are hearing is mere radio splatter. Some certainly seem to be trickster-like. Some might also attributed to troll-like comments, while many are thoughtful and supportive.

I have been using mainly the PSB-7 spirit box along with mostly two layers of faraday radio blocking material. I have heard things not legal for radio, some mention being dead! Around December 2019, my communications became less “help me!” and centered around these beings who claim they are from a place beneath the earth called, Theodore (unsure of what the spelling would be). While it is true that radio can come through, depending on the device and set-up, some of the voices say my name, including the last name too. Then there are the wild recordings.

Not only am I finding ITC an insightful way to get intel on a subject that is filled with conjecture. These beings must be wanting to bust down our doors so we can know the truth?-wrong. It seems, they connect with individuals-or contactees on their own whim. You think you know reality, do you?

Dr. Konstantine Raudive, an early academic pioneer of ITC or EVP

Below, I will list communications and add as I have time.

This is only a tiny sampling…

We aint ghosts Marc (how are they hearing me since this is not a transceiver?)

mention building a planet
Hi Marc (deep voice from wild area)
You come in doubt. This was recording in the bush area, where i heard stone clacks, snaps and some of the voices which I could not make out-they invited me out via radio! (this is Mathew, according to messages he is some kind of liasion officer)
We could not kill you Marc
We told you… we’re alien… we’re alien
This is from May of 2021 when I hit the motherload of contact in the wild: Azimoe, Azimoe Azimoe, HUMANS kill Azimoes. (note in Maori lore, they sometimes talk of these beings having bird-like voices, this also has occasionally been mentioned with contactees too)

My Skinwalker Ranch hitchhikers

Marc stands at the southern end near the ranch, known as Southern Vantage. ©Marc Coppell

Finding a strange correlation between ufo’s and Bigfoot

My Skinwalker Ranch ‘hitchhikers‘ & shocking encounters (in the years) following my night observations there were like an earthquake that ricocheted throughout my life. Multiple forms of the phenomena presented themselves on opposite ends of the world. I never had a bigfoot-like encounter until going to the outskirts of Skinwalker Ranch in 2013 (to my surprise & girlfriend) up on UFO hill in the middle-of-the-night (I was there for UFO’s mostly): A heavy rock was thrown by us from the darkness below along with a strange creature sound. At first I thought it was an explosion. That year in early January I had a close encounter with a metallic oblong, tic-tac shaped UFO in the Southern Nevada desert while prospecting. Two strange tall ‘individuals’ checked out my parked car in this remote desert area outside Nelson, Nevada (before living the area in a SUV). I made my way back up and down through the quartz crystal Mars-like landscape, hyperventilating & exhausted after trying to find the location of the silent craft that landed. 

The old front gate leading into the “UFO” ranch (from 2013). Now, concrete barriers were removed and the road sequestered to extend security measures. ©Marc Coppell

He visited the property, where he had a profound encounter with the unknown

George Knapp refers to Dr. James Lacatski from the D.I.A.
or Defence Intelligence Agency

After the shocking encounter, I decided to look for answers in ufology and make a trek to Skinwalker Ranch, the most highly funded scientific study on the paranormal etc. in history of the USA. I joined Las Vegas UFO hunters to go skywatching and learn of others’ sightings. In recent years, revelations have emerged that the US government funded a study into the goings on at the ranch, on UFO’s. The program was called A.A.W.S.A.P. or the Advanced Weapons System Application Program. Investigative Journalist, George Knapp, reveals in an interview with career intelligence analyst and rocket scientist named Dr. James Lacatski  (from the Defence Intelligence Agency or D.I.A.) that it was him, that met with then-owner of Skinwalker Ranch, Robert Bigelow. He “visited the property, where he had a profound encounter with the unknown”.

I already had a background doing paranormal (also personal experiences growing up) investigating so searching for answers was second nature to me. My thirst for answers grew and so did my encounters, some of them even recorded! See some of the UFO’s and hear the strange voices calling me by name from the wilderness as I conduct my research. Finding a strange correlation between ufo’s and Bigfoot as I was capturing craft in historical Bigfoot areas on video. I feel like I am living in an on-going X files episode. In recent months the beings called me to the wild (via ITC electronic communications or instrumental trans-communication), where I have recorded them talking about taking me, some of the voices are very strange. There was a bit of fear on my part but I had not been harmed in-the-past, being in remote areas, where activity had been taking place, including being followed in areas restricted to the general public. They are well aware of what I am engaged in and I have recordings of them asking me to turn off my cameras (heard on the above video). I still managed to record separate audio of the interactions. Welcome to the rabbit hole, I am waiting for cognitive dissonance to manifest now in your mind! 

Searching for the truth

Glimpse of something unearthly (not from here)

There is something beyond the law of averages with the results, occurring from the years of research. In my latest podcast you will see footage of something from somewhere else. I had to slow it down to be viewable as these ‘craft’ move incredibly fast. You will hear more contact voices attesting to their presence in an upcoming new podcast. They even call themselves “aliens”. I have wondered for years where the Bigfoot people start and where is the link between “them” and these vehicles that represent something truly unusual or are the beings separate? I received a communication in 2015 that repeated the phrase “Accept the Bigfoot people” in a strange voice.

I have wondered who are these mysterious beings in my itc (instrumental trans-communication) sessions and will I ever know for myself? It seems the answers are unfolding in incredible ways resulting in various phenomena, some of which is captured on my recorders. Will this result ultimately in face-to-face contact? There is a price to pay when one does supposed kooky research in to the anomalous because people will give you that funny look, friends and family may stop talking to you. You are sampling the tip of the green iceberg with me! They are well aware of us and our ‘intentions’. In new audio from this wild area I am slowly getting answers to what is going on (new audio to be played). Watch the video link below to see the craft in the podcast…

They even call themselves “aliens”

People like Dr. Koustantive Raudive and Professor Ernst Senkowski, along with many others have conducted research into communication with other realms. Even receiving contacts from ‘beyond’, be it images and audio of the departed and even subtle worlds accessed only in a non-physical way. Though these contacts can made made with electronic and other means not necessarily using psychics.

Dr. Konstantine Raudive experimenting with various communication devices, as seen above

In this video I use a Hack Shack radio surrounded by foil to help shield from normal broadcasts.