Pursuing the anomalous calls

From paranormal research, to Bigfoot and encounters with craft, this investigation is going something! I’ve got my machete and slashing through the foliage to the truth…

I want answers. I am climbing over the barbed wire fence in my mind… regards, from Marc, the sheep that looked up. What is it to be part of the tribe called humanity? Progress and discovery is made by dreamers and explorers, unafraid of the masses and their varied opinions.
Does science know all that there is?

like out of a Steven Spielberg movie!

I find myself being lead to a precipice of discovery, in league with something, like out of a Steven Spielberg movie! Almost a week ago, I got over a hundred different messages from the field in one morning. I am being pulled back again (asked to return, from repeated audio ITC). Not sure what will happen next as I step into the darkness, and what I will find? Thus, feeling I am prepared for what has been drawing me in and that is ‘them’. They did not spend years of making contact for nothing on their end. I was warned of my father, about to pass. I wondered about inter-dimensional beings or/and I am dealing with advanced tech. Their accents are different to other english speakers, I have lived around in various parts of the world. I wondered why the I.T.C. messages started going through major changes in recent years. Now it seems I rarely get messages of ‘help me’ ghostly messages, rather an advanced civilisation who has been watching me intently. I am glad I have a number of recordings to show myself that I am not experiencing an acute form of mental illness.

I do not know their relationship to the Bigfoot people, as I am sure most of you (that have been following me, and my you tube channels) heard that astounding message, that I received in 2015 after some 20 years in the USA. I have wondered if there was some follow-on affect from Skinwalker Ranch. Some warn me that they could be the Zetas and out to harm me in some way, though they have had ample opportunity to do that including being in dense wilderness alone at night with no fast escape and one way out.

I remember as a teen walking down the stairs at night, in a poltergeist breakout in our home in the 80’s

I remember as a teen walking down the stairs at night, in a poltergeist breakout in our home in the 80’s, wondering what I was going to face approaching a series of windows (hard-to-budge open normally,) slamming reverberating throughout the whole house. A real-life horror story! My mother was behind me. We fled the house taking my baby sister at-the-time that Sunday night. A variety of other haunting type phenomena had been taking place, of which even a neighbour witnessed, while over for dinner. But what is happening here is very different. I did not begin this endeavour to hide from the truth. Little clues have turned up along the way and using my years of experience dealing with beings from other realms, both good, bad and in-between, I am hoping my instincts to be right in this quest. One of the big clues have been having something walking up to me that I could not see though they made a lot of noise, in this bush area, restricted to the general public. Also some very strong emotions that have hit me from a outer intelligence while in a dense, wild bush area. As an empath I am not used to something this powerful.

I was asked to turn off my cameras last time. The what’s and why’s are surfacing in my mind… One of the ‘spirit’ beings (I will call ‘spirit’ for simple terms,) I call Mathew, is giving me an audio commentary of them ‘arriving’ to the area. He claims to travel with ‘the UFO’ on audio (which I have played in past podcasts). I cannot see him at all and his voice comes through so strong that it blows out the audio. No one is around but me. The mic is also picking up momentarily, a loud humming sound, that could be mechanical as I face this wild unforgiving mountain and my quest for serious answers to what is transpiring and reverberated in my personal life.

If you have not heard some of the voices from my strange wilderness recordings, I recommend you do and ask, “do all these voices sound normal hikers, or like a stray radio transmission?” (listen to my recent podcasts-link at the top “youtube video link”. If something earth shattering happens will they allow me to film some ‘proof’ to bring back for the naysayers?