Mach 1+ UFO NZ, defies explanation!

UFO over Huia Auckland, NZ travels mach one!

600% zoomed video still of unknown object
Youtube video link of footage, also slowed down and magnified to show flight characteristics

Since uploading the video examination footage yesterday of the Huia UFO captured on my Spark drone back in May of 2020, it has had thousands of views. This video is a response to the critics that insist that it MUST be a flying bug or bird. Since I do have a paranormal investigation, photographic & video pro background I had to take this chance to use my skills to review the flight pattern etc.
Why it is not a bird, & I might as well say insect too in the same breath? The challenge is the footage is shot in FHD shooting at 29.97 fps. Anything moving at distance, at high speed, in the background becomes pixelated & blurred upon digital inspection. Ideally the camera would be 8k and shooting at 1000 fps (frames per second) for more info. Such platforms become very expensive particularly on drones. I have been wanting a thermal ‘heat revealing’ range finder for my research efforts.

In the video I zoom in using Adobe Premiere Pro some 600% to show the lack of wing movement at all during the 5 second anomalous appearance. Some argue that the object is much closer to the drone lens and explains the speed aspect. In the video I zoom into to show the start of the visual flight path which is over the background mountain making a ‘bee-line’ for the beach. Observe birds as they come in from a high angle of flight, in-to-land like-a-plane, must take countermeasures to slow their speed to avoid making a hard landing thus getting injured or dying. This object makes no observable attempts to slow down as it nears the ground below.

The object at 600% magnification, at the start of the observable flight path shows that indeed it is traveling up by the distance mountain as it goes through a shadowed area possibly trees. It starts off very small only a few pixels big at this point. At this distance, a bug would not show up—1.2 miles. Too small for an HD sensor.

In the video I show an example of what a seagull flying looks like on the same camera zoomed in. Even when it ‘the seagull’ becomes pixelated the wing movement is still obvious from the sample. On another HD camera, I show what a flying insect looks like slowed down. There is also the flying ‘rod’ phenomena that was discussed by videographers a decade or so back. Rod-like anomalies travel by the camera too fast for the sensor to pick up. These rod-like objects seemed to have fins on them. When captured though on high speed cameras many of these turn out to be moths or other flying insects. I have captured these on camera too.

To seek the truth, we have go in with both eyes, ears and a mind open to examine the item.

The estimated flight speed is the biggest indicator that whatever this is, is not explainable by being called a bird or insect. The speed indicates this is a manufactured object of exotic origin. Even drones don’t fly this fast. There was no ‘sonic boom’ at the time. Coasting over the background mountain, a distance of humbly at least 1.2 miles in some five seconds. It exhibits speeds of roughly 864 mph or 1400 km/h!

It exhibits speeds of roughly 864 mph or 1400 km/h!

According to Google Earth measurements
The ‘Gimbal UFO’, is a product of one of the most sophisticated tracking systems on US military aircraft. It was caught on camera by a US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet using the Raytheon AN/ASQ-228 in 2015 from the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, off the eastern seaboard, near the Florida coast.

Above: Gimbal UFO video that was released by the Pentagon on December 16th, 2017. To The Stars Academy has released what it calls the ‘Five Observables‘ for UAP’s or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or traditionally in recent decades known as UFO’s. Their website lists the following:

The five observables can be categorized as follows: 

  1. Sudden and instantaneous acceleration:  Objects moving in such a manner that they are capable of maneuvering suddenly, deliberately and sometimes in the opposite direction.  In some cases, these maneuvers involve a change in direction and acceleration that is well beyond the healthy limitations of any biological system, that we are aware of, to withstand.  The anticipated effects of these g-forces on material may even defy our current technological ability to manufacture.  
  2. Hypersonic velocities without signatures:  Objects that are traveling well above supersonic speeds and yet leave no obvious signature behind.  Specific signatures normally include acoustic, heat, and electromagnetic and are traditionally recognized as a sonic boom, vapor contrails, and atmospheric ionization.  Currently, even the world’s most advanced military and reconnaissance aircraft have detectible signatures.
  3. Low observability:  Regardless if the object is being viewed electro-optically, electromagnetically, or through the naked eye, the inability to gain a clear target picture remains elusive.  Descriptions by witnesses are often difficult to describe, while radar returns often come back nonsensical or even jammed.  Objects generally appear opaque and semi-metallic in nature, both on camera and live.  In many cases it is nearly impossible to actually see the object and instead reports often include what is seen “around” the object. 
  4. Trans-medium travel:  Objects that have the ability to travel easily in various environments and conditions seemingly without any change in performance capabilities.  Our current understanding of physics requires vehicles to be designed specifically according to their application.  For this reason, there are stark differences between those vehicles that orbit in space, fly in the atmosphere, and travel in the sea.  Objects that can travel in all three mediums using the same design and without compromising performance or degrading lift remains an enigma.   
  5. Positive lift:  Objects that are apparently resisting the natural effects of Earth’s gravity, yet without the normally associated aerodynamic means for lift and thrust.  These objects have no obvious signs of propulsion (engines, propellers, exhaust plumes, etc.) or flight surfaces (wings, rudders, ailerons, fins, etc.), but yet they are able to move in a very precise manner in our atmosphere despite not having any of those characteristics.

Going back to the Huia UFO footage shown at the beginning of this article, the object shows two of these observables: Hypersonic velocities without signatures and Positive lift. For the original video I put out on the Huia UFO follow this link.

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