New X-File—UFO, What is it!?

Position of UFO from Google Earth
UFO footage, what is it?
UFO starts around top of background mountain
Some say its a bird. Here is what a bird looks like flying on the same drone on an overcast day-Watch in HD

Hello subscribers, thanks for following my blog. Weird stuff happens to me quite regularly (in my research) and it’s even greater when caught on camera, video or audio so it can be studied and dissected for authenticity. Yesterday I was doing B-roll video for my documentary and caught something very strange. Not quite strange that it traveled in a straight line from a mountainous region to sea level. A distance of about 1.2 miles in some five seconds from a mountain top in the video background to virtual sea level. That works out close to 1,400 km/per hour. About four times the fastest a bird of prey can achieve dropping vertically down upon it’s lunch. So unless a new bird that is discovered, can travel supersonic speeds the bird hypothesis doesn’t fit in this case.

I have been getting comments that people can’t see the original flight path up in the high mountain area so I have called out a screen shot (above). Must view full screen, probably not on a cel phone. Hopefully people will see it then. It seemed pretty obvious on my 13″ mac screen and following the direct path back though it decreased in visual size retroactively. Whatever it is not huge. So fits the acronym U.F.O. Another supporting aspect is the lack of sonic boom. I have caught multiple craft traveling faster than this and they still are silent.

I appreciate a genuine search for the truth even if I am left with egg on my face if and when I am wrong.

To note following this capture I have caught other anomalous flying craft in the area. Along with strange voices in the remote bush area that I have recorded. Some call my name! See youtube channel for footage and commentary.

High strangeness follows me across the world! See article/video of what’s been happening!