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The history and why Marc Coppell is making this documentary?

“The X Rated Files: Followed from Skinwalker” on-demand at Vimeo. Releases Nov. 30, 2023

The X Rated Files: followed from Skinwalker, a controversial documentary that might keep you awake at night and away from wild areas. Paranormal investigator/researcher, Marc Coppell, has reported being followed across the world to New Zealand from the USA, by phenomena after sky-watching with devices, on the outskirts of the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, USA, mid 2013. The Area 51 of the paranormal; studied by even the U.S. military and aerospace entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow’s highly qualified scientific team: The National Institute for Discovery Science (or NIDs).

Also currently a successful t.v. show aired by the History Channel called, “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”. Where a small group of scientists employed by the latest owner, Brandon Fugal, attempt to analyse the phenomena at the property.

The X Rated Files: followed from Skinwalker, a controversial documentary that might keep you awake at night and away from wild areas. Paranormal investigator/researcher, Marc Coppell, has reported being followed across the world to New Zealand from the USA, by phenomena after sky-watching with devices, on the outskirts of the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, USA, mid 2013.

Seeking the truth from UFO's to Bigfoot related phenomena
Marc Coppell seeking answers to UFOs, Bigfoot and other paranormal related phenomena

Non-fiction Screaming Scariness—awaits you! “I’ve recorded them”

When someone says there’s no evidence of alien beings, who have greater intelligence, or at least equal to us, I have to shake my head and want to strap them in a comfy chair, with headphones; make to them listen to my wild recordings and UFO footage for an hour. People are often too busy, to go looking for the truth or can’t handle it—but I have.

Documentary tentatively scheduled for release: October 30, 2023

Phenomena that eludes even scientists

The old front gate leading to Skinwalker Ranch, photo taken when I visited in mid 2013. ©2023

The location in North-eastern Utah, reported be a very haunted location, according to some who have been biten by the curse of the Skinwalker (A ‘Skinwalker’ according to Navajo legend is a shape shifting witch. The local Ute tribe fears these evil beings), a place of reported cattle mutilations, a smorgasbord of UFO’s, poltergeist activity, portals to other dimensions and cryptids such as Bigfoot. The secure (not open to the public) rural location is a 512 acre ranch. Avoided by members of the local Ute tribe.

KLAS Las Vegas investigative reporter, George Knapp, who co-authored a book with Dr. Colm Kelleher, about phenomena at the property: “Hunt for the Skinwalker” has talked about, along with others, the ‘stalker affect’, that seemingly attaches to some for some unknown reason; following them home, affecting sometimes others in their household. This risk is quite well known to many in the paranormal investigation field, including Marc Coppell who has seen and experienced supernatural phenomena and occasionally along with others. Such people report shadow beings, apparitions, being touched, dis-embodied voices, poltergeist: movement of stationary objects by an unseen force, strange sounds etc.

According to people on the science team, the intelligences were acutely aware of them and their gear-even seemingly destroying security camera conduit cable high up on a pole, without being detected by the alternate camera, according to Col. Jon B. Alexander, who was a part of NIDS team.

A depiction of the anomalous craft-overlayed on a location photo, where Marc Coppell’s sighting occurred a long with two strange individuals in early 2013, Nelson, Nevada.

In early 2013, Marc had a strong impression to pull over on a small desert highway (outside Nelson, NV) nearly crashing his SUV. He went to prospect for gold. What Marc was about to witness thrust him into the world of ufology, needing answers for what he witnessed—A silver, silent, highly-reflective, oblong craft of unknown origin, which flew through a gap in the mountains and seemed to land nearby obstructed from view. Moving too fast for him to locate his camera in time.

Marc was unable to prospect as he was disturbed by what he witnessed and made his way back to the car on the side of the road, he then witnessed on the climb back to the car, two tall thin strange seemingly identically dressed ‘individuals’ who drove their SUV along a small, defunct, stone road from the landing area. They then stopped by Marc’s car and got out to inspect it. One of them peered into the tinted windows, wondering whose car it was.

It was after this sighting that he would go for hours sky-watching and joining the local: Las Vegas UFO Hunters and others. During Marc’s research, he discovered the story surrounding Skinwalker Ranch and decided he needed to visit the area and talk to the locals. It was there observing in the pitch black darkness, on UFO Hill (known by locals), while looking at the starry sky, with his paranormal investigation gear, that something very strong threw a rock next to him and his girlfriend, which landed with the sound of an explosion (at first Marc thought it was a battery pack explosion)!

They also heard some unidentified creature sound. The night before light anomalies flew up to Marc’s face and did a 90 degree turn in front of him (one caught on POV camera). Whatever they were, was able to fly against the gusty wind, which shook his parked car—unaffected. Any insect would have been blasted off course. There was nothing, in open desert, to reflect the darting lights from the occasional vechicle that would pass by either.


“It seems the giants known as Sasquatch, decided to follow me across the world, in impossible ways. At first having a rock thrown next to me on UFO Hill in Utah-was only the start of the phenomena often associated with Bigfoot-it seemed highly unlikely a normal person would have waited there in the darkness, to play a dangerous joke. This might too be classed as poltergeist related phenomena. I could not believe what was happening to me! I had no prior, pro-active interest in, nor any knowledge of things attributed to them-the Sasquatch and wondered why strange things starting happening when I returned to New Zealand, from the USA in 2015.

One of those, was a strange message received during a paranormal investigation I was conducting in Auckland City, New Zealand. Which mentions “accept the Bigfoot people, big people…” repeated from a Sangean DT-200VX, faraday pouch, shielded radio. There is a lack of modern local news reports here; am I the only modern witness of Bigfoot related phenomena to come forward here in New Zealand? The answer is ‘no’. There are others, you will see some of them in this documentary (there is even a freebie interview with an experienced hunter, linked at the end of this article).

There are dozens, if not hundreds of witnesses, if not more—most don’t want to be ridiculed in this small island country. Some have contacted me through via various social media platforms to share their story.

Anomalous footprint found in area with no public tracks-hard to reach area
Screenshot from video frame of one of the unusual footprints in wild area
About a dozen healthy trees snapped down in area where strange things were happening
Around a dozen healthy trees were snapped down after I started visiting the area, after feelings of being watched etc. No visable lightning burns, no ax/saw marks, seems too small of an area, for a damage path of a micro burst or tornado.
Footprint inside a triangular glyph
Possible footprint, inside a triangular glyph, discovered by Devon Wolley and myself ©2023

I wondered what was happening when I was followed in the wild; had stones thrown at me, found large foot prints in muddy, stream beds. I heard strange voices, some calling my name—that occasionally got recorded on the microphones. Places where there are no public tracks-dangerous to transverse. I was to discover in this remote corner of the world, Māori have legends of the patupahiere, or fairy people, and the Sasquatch-like giants, with names such as the moehau or maeroero etc.

Having grown up here. I had no idea there were Bigfoot-like sightings here too. Sometimes, sightings were attributed to an escaped mascot gorilla in the Coromandel ranges (allegedly was said to have escaped a ship from Wai Aro in 1924). But that doesn’t explain modern encounters and we don’t have bears, wolves, coyotes or even Sasquatch conventions.

I’ve postulated if Māori legends of supernatural beings, known as the Patupaiarehe (or fairy people), were/are what we might call aliens?

I’ve postulated if Māori legends of supernatural beings, known as the Patupaiarehe (or fairy people), were/are what we might call aliens? These angelic beings, that sometimes took their own people quickly-they lived in mountainous, hard-to-reach, deep-in-the-forest, places who hid from Māori.

I felt like I was melding with a Salvador Dali painting

I felt like I was melding with a Salvador Dali painting and confused about what was happening to me. Was this a result of an undiagnosed mental condition, or pareidolia or the real thing? My devices however, did sometimes, record what I heard. As a paranormal investigator, I knew some of the arguments, used by debunkers, such as: confirmation bias, pareidolia, mis-identification and priming and so on.

Much of this went against my own conditioning as a child, some of the voices don’t sound human, mention my name, say things not permitted on broadcasts, talk about aspects of my life, some of the craft my cameras have snapped, reflect the colors around them showing they are not birds and move too fast for any known tech. They even seem to display, upon in-depth examination, some kind of fog or field around the craft; in one case the object goes behind a foothill to give distance/trajectory figures. One saucer shaped object, does a mid-air flip at mach 3 plus as if to show off for the camera (discussed later).

I even captured a rock being thrown at me on a infrared video camera. What my footage does bring out is: cognitive dissosance in people, the deer in the headlights look when what is presented goes against prior conditioning-belief systems, current scientific knowledge and theories. The mental cotton wool that we fill our gentle minds with, to pacify our meaning of the world around us, to help us feel secure, like we are in control; for instance that we are the ultimate brains of nature.

The People

Video frame still from 2017
A video frame still from 2017-unknown craft caught on dslr video: foothills of Mt Moehau
Marc with one of his parabolic wildlife mic
Marc holding a pro. mic set-up for recording wildlife. Strange voices, some call his name even!

I knew I had to record what was transpiring, the strange voices, some even calling my name, and had to bring some one with me, to experience this. I took, Devon Wolley, a man with a passionate interest in Māori lore, and curious, as to what was occuring in one of my research areas. See what happens when I take him and what we find. He is the only one that has been to this area-at this time. Reporter/radio host, Jim Birchall, interviews Devon and myself on air at East FM in Howick, over what happened. A media frenzy occurred in 2019 as I worked on raising funds for the documentary.

Devon Wolley joins me for an interview on East FM, with reporter/radio host Jim Birchall on
Occam’s Razor ©2023

Jim Birchall, reporter/radio host asks some skeptical questions on air with East FM in Howick ©2023

Mt Moehau range
Mt Moehau mountain range (in the background). Place of the Moehau Man, and fairy people,
or the patupaiarehe of local lore. ©2023

This documentary is more than witness accounts but compliation of highlights from my wild outings, from discoverying these strange footprints, in nondescript areas with no public tracks, to the strange voices, some call my name! Then also are the howling, reverberating, voices that I captured one night, in April 2022, that don’t exactly sound human nor animal (it was that night that I also had a stone thrown next to me from the wild mountain area).

NZ a place of the strange
The NZ bush is rugged, often steep and slippery ©2023

It was unfortunate that a writer with so sympathetic a muse had never heard of the Maori’s rich store of fairy legend and wonder-tale, of endless folk-talk about the supernatural, the sprites of the woods, the elusive Patu-paiarehe, the mysterious wild men of the mountains, the strange spirits that haunt great pools at river-sources, and streams and lakes. For all this in endless variety we have in New Zealand.

Author: James Cowan, “Fairy Folk Tales of the Maori” link “The New Zealand Electronic Text Collection” License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand Licence

Some might think there are no modern day sigthings of New Zealand’s Bigfoot. I interviewed in 2020 a hunter, Clint from Northland, New Zealand, about what he’s seen (single interview, free to view on youtube)

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Who are these ‘people’ and how do they know my name?! A small sampling of recorded strange voices in research #2, with professional wildlife mics, a wild area with no public access.

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